The Cast of OFF CAMPUS

    "Once upon a time, there lived seven undergraduates at The University of Texas at Austin.  By chance, they became roommates, but four years and Fate fashioned them into close friends.  Now, out of school and on their own, they're slowly discovering that life isn't so easy OFF CAMPUS . . ."

Rachel McFoxy


     The closest we come to a true alpha protagonist, Rachel is currently an RN with Cameron West Hospital.  Funny, attractive, and intelligent, she seemingly has all the qualities necessary to be any right-minded male's dream woman, but she nonetheless finds herself perpetually single.  As of late, she's struggled to come to grips with twin difficulties: namely, that her platonic "BFF," Shawn, has seemingly moved on with another woman, and that her old college roommate, Suzie, has gone "bridezilla" on her.

Austin Campbell
Johnny Getsome
Shawn Lucas

     A cad to whom all other cads pray to as their lord and savior, Austin just completed his MBA and is now establishing himself in the real world.  Happily, Austin's sex life is finally looking up in thanks to a new hairdo he received almost on accident.  Never one to be satisfied with just one woman for every night of the week, he has sworn himself to a new quest: to bed McKenna, the stylist responsible for his sexual rebirth.
     The guy every guy wants to be, Johnny is a middle manager with Fell Computer and engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Suzie.  He's somewhat hopeful that the wedding won't be the death of him  . . . but he wouldn't bet on it.
     Register jockey by day, starving artist by night, things are looking good for Shawn right now.  After years of yearning for Rachel after an ill-advised one night stand, Shawn appears to have finally moved on and has started dating his roommate, Liz.
Elizabeth Reardon
Suzie Sexpot
Travis Smith
     Free Spirit.  Wild Child.  Easy Lover.  These are all appropriate monikers for Liz, a waitress at Bruce's Bar and Grill.  Despite a legion of other suitors and a gigantic lie Rachel told her, she's entered into a monogamous relationship with Shawn, and deliriously happy for doing so.
     A "girly-girl" and not afraid to say so, Suzie is a 3rd grade teacher at Lake Travis Elementary and (finally!) her man's fiancée.  Irregardless of feuding bridesmaids, fabulously wealthy future in-laws, and a best man better suited to planning a LAN party, Suzie is determined to be at the epicenter of the greatest wedding ever held in the state of Texas.
     During his college days, Travis was the typical nerdy electrical engineering student.  After graduation, he moved to Dallas to take a job with Texas Contraptions, got Lasik surgery, and became a gym rat.  His efforts have been rewarded with a great apartment and a beautiful, long-distance girlfriend . . .  Janie Getsome, Johnny's younger sister.  As a way of "blessing" their relationship, Johnny has made Travis his best man, and Travis is more than a little worried that he might mess up.



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